The holiday lights of Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo is a wonderland of lights in winter… you have to be, when it gets dark by 4:30! We had an official Holiday Lights Parade in Downtown Fargo to kick off the fun, but this post showcases the city’s best winter light looks.

The Holiday Lights Parade

Last week, the floats of the Holiday Lights Parade filled Downtown Fargo with sparkling, glowing scenes.

In Downtown Fargo

Besides the official parade, Fargo’s downtown district is the best place for holiday light appreciation.

Just look at how pretty it is!

The Depot

This historic depot at the base of Downtown Fargo celebrates the season by decorating a huge tree right outside the building.

The tree lighting ceremony will be right before the Holiday Lights Parade on November 26.


This German-style holiday market has perfect lights backdrops throughout the themed space.

Even though this year will be at Drekker Brewing Company, we’re sure they’ll pull off the beautiful lights again in their new space.

At Lindenwood Park

Each year Lindenwood Park is decorated for the season with beautiful light displays set up by local businesses.

Other local businesses

Last but not least, many of our local businesses such as breweries, attractions, hotels and more get all dressed up for the season.

They may not all be holiday-themed, but they’re pretty nonetheless

Like they always say, when the sun can’t light you, you must light yourself. Just kidding, only we say that, but we do it dang well.